Aspire Capital Fund LLC is a Chicago-based investment fund with a focus on making direct investments in publicly traded companies in a broad range of industries and investment structures. Aspire Capital Fund LLC is managed by Aspire Capital Partners LLC. We offer innovative investment structures designed for publicly traded companies whose prospects are bright, but who need additional capital to fuel their growth. Aspire Capital provides these companies with an easy and fair way to sell equity as the company achieves its business objectives.

When raising equity capital, the total costs, both explicit and implicit, should be carefully considered. The true costs of a financing often far exceed the stated costs. Significant implicit costs can be incurred by selling equity into an immature market before the company has had the opportunity to prove itself and execute on its business plan. We understand that companies need the most reasonable and flexible terms available while minimizing dilution to their shareholders and optimizing their capital structure. That’s why we offer inexpensive and flexible direct investments for publicly traded companies, leaving the partner company in control of how and when it raises equity and minimizing any potential dilution or disruption to its capital structure.

With Aspire Capital, the interests of the Fund and the partner company are truly aligned. By working together to create value, a true partnership is formed.